Affiliation to RedIRIS

The Ministry of Science and Innovation, Innovation and Universities places the RedIRIS online network at the disposal of Spanish researchers in order to provide them with the telecommunications services their activity requires; it therefore determines network affiliation conditions at any given time.

Affiliation requirements

Institutions interested in accessing RedIRIS services need to undergo an affiliation process in which they must:

  • Provide evidence of their status as a legally constituted organisation with independent legal capacity
  • Identify their main activity in one of the categories eligible for affiliation, from among the categories established for this purpose in the affiliation policy approved by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, Innovation and Universities

As the body that oversees RedIRIS, and that is responsible for its funding and strategy, the Ministry of Science and Innovation, Innovation and Universities reserves the right to revise, at any time, the conditions of affiliation and, where applicable, review the participation in RedIRIS of any of the affiliated institutions.

Institutions eligible for affiliation must fall into at least one of the following categories:

    A.1) Public or non-profit private universities, including their attached centres.

    A.2) Public research bodies and Singular Installations for Science and Technology (ICTS) with independent legal capacity

    A.3) Non-profit technology and research centres and institutes with independent legal capacity that participate in projects included in the National Plan for R&D&i or equivalent plans at a regional, national or international level.

    A.4) Teaching or research units in public or non-profit private hospitals that participate in regional, national or international R&D&i projects.

In addition to the aforementioned institutions, the following may also join:

    B.1) Organisations managing R&D&i programmes with public funding

    B.2) Non-profit institutions, with independent legal capacity, which have significant digital content that is relevant for the scientific-technical community and which place this content at the disposal of said community

    B.3) Entities that participate in National R&D&i Plan projects or equivalent at a regional, national or international level, during and for the development of these projects.

    B.4) Non-profit science and technology parks that house in their facilities an institution affiliated to RedIRIS and those only for the use of institutions affiliated to RedIRIS.

    B.5) Public and non-profit private primary and secondary schools, vocational education centres and non-university higher education centres, as long as there is an agreement with the regional ministry responsible for this area in the corresponding Autonomous Region.

    More information, about this category, to read before send the affiliation proposal.

    B.6) Other entities of special interest for the Spanish science and technology system

RedIRIS may provide the technical resources necessary so that the traffic exchanged with these institutions is limited to the goals established.

The applicant institution may perform the RedIRIS affiliation formalities either with RedIRIS or with any other entity to which RedIRIS has delegated responsibility. Should there be a research network in the Autonomous Region of the applicant institution, the manager of said network will be the preferred entity with regard to processing RedIRIS affiliation applications.

Affiliation procedure:

  1. The institution concerned must send a letter (click here to download the Application Form) requesting affiliation and including information about the organisation as follows:

    • the organisation's main activity
    • funding method
    • participation in National Plan instruments
    • other research projects in which it participates and their funding
    • possible benefits for the academic and research community thanks to the material it would contribute to the network
    • any other information considered of interest

    The application must specify the type of information the applicant would wish to be made public via the network, such as, for example, a WEB server.

    In the event that the applicant organisation is a higher education institution, a photocopy of its certification as a centre of higher education in the Spanish Official Gazette or similar Gazette of the corresponding regional government must be furnished.

    The letter should be sent to the address below; the Institutional Relations Area may contact the institution to request any additional information that may be necessary.

  2. If it is finally decided that the institution may join, RedIRIS will send the following documents:

  3. Regarding the Policy of Affiliation, Acceptable Use Policy, Affiliation Agreement and Data Processing Agreement documents, it is considered that from the moment the affiliation is accepted by RedIRIS, the institution assumes them with full legal effects.

    RedIRIS will also manage the signing of a data processing agreement in compliance with the GDPR.

    The need to sign a data processing agreement is due to the entry into force of the provisions of article 28 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 ("GDPR"), in which the institution affiliated to RedIRIS is the data controller and the data processor.

    The data processing agreement will be sent via the Signature Holder to be electronically signed by both parties, once the affiliation form has been completed, signed and accepted.

    The institution's Affiliation Form must be sent back to RedIRIS duly completed.

    It contains the profile of the PER, PCS and PCR and their functions, for your information. The PER is a key figure in the relationship between RedIRIS and the users of his/her institution, because he/she will be the person who will channel information between the two parties; he/she will keep the technical contacts of the two institutions permanently updated; he/she will inform RedIRIS of the scientific-technical needs of researchers at his/her centre and will register the personnel who participate in the events organised by RedIRIS.

  4. The date on which RedIRIS receives the Membership Card shall be deemed as the institution's date of affiliation. The network technical team will then contact the institution to begin the process of establishing the connection to RedIRIS.

If you wish to obtain more information or if you have a query regarding membership issues, please contact: / RedIRIS
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